Environmental issues in Thailand 

Some Summaries

  • In Thailand, there are 22 river basins of master plan. This master plan is associated with the cabinet approval. This master plan is associated with national strategy of cabinet approval.
  • The source of this master plan is from 1. Agency plan, 2. Meteorology department, local government, subdistrict, scale capacity, two source. River master plan needs more information before the project will be accepted. Also they will approve budget for this project which they can obtain the money.
  • Online monitoring system is very effective that has impacts from the water resource. The system is belong to the agency. The function is very important. This strategy is associated infrastructure, non-structural, innovation, technology, water management, time management and structural.
  • Usually, we can monitor the outcome of the effluent. During the online monitoring system, it can be effectively monitoring the impact from water resource. This is also associated to the circle, belong to the agency. These things are also associated with the function. The strategies of infrastructure are innovation, technology, water management, real time management, institutional and structural.
  • The function of the huge data sensor is very important. The setting of data is very necessary. We requires the chair, big flat, big data center, real time, data and forecast analysis, still new, still use some existing model, that we need to starting it. Furthermore, the monitoring for the dry season is also important. The function should be managed properly.
  • Every project should be discussed with the chairman of the project.
  • In the situation, it requires a lot of management. After forecast, disaster of warning can be finished by the agency.
  • Innovation confirming national strategy, engineering, environmental, economy, and foreign company are necessary.
  • Prior to design the master plan, we need to understand the trend, for example what actually industry need.
  • We require the growth such as GDP that may growth properly. Currently, we have 20 master plan, approve the last step, water asks that may empowered the most important things.
  • There are 44 agencies cross the ministry, especially from the royal irrigation, innovation.
  • These four pillars, we should have to run the master plan, make innovation and we have to integrate.
  • Connection between master plan, innovation should be integrated with layer, coat function, especially for every water resource.


Geography of Thailand, particularly their water resources.

North of Thailand: Mountains, 3 DAMS, river, irrigation around 1 million hectare for providing a lot of irrigation for water supply. It is associated with the main agriculture and irrigation. Main problems are associated with low land and easily flood. Mostly, the water supply, particularly for drinking water of Bangkok city is from north area. In Thailand, also has huge national forest, it is for agriculture but have lack of water.

North east, it is almost similar,  we have national forest, land for agriculture.  In dry season, they usually struggling for flood. This are also need more investment in water conservation, water bank, planting more trees in the forest. Also, Thailand government still focus to tackle drought issues. Climate change has a significant impact to this situation.

East. It is area for ocean, have seaport, mountain, industrial sectors, special law for the economic things. Water resource is required for with agriculture. The main problems is associated with droughts because it is a big drought and factory, a lot of mechanism.

South. South part if mountain have oil plantation, depends on the fisheries. Usually this area don’t need supply water. This area has a lot of water. We need fast warning due to flood issues, evacuation etc, especially the fast direction. Water supply increases the efficiency that can reduce the problem. We need to achieve SDG. We can improve the standard, domestic water use, first strategy issues are associated with agriculture and industry. In the future, we will expand for the tourism. Due to this reason, the demand of water will increase. Currently, the rainfall hunting is very necessary to make water conservation. The huge gap is associated with water supply. Government needs a lot of infrastructures to tackle the flood issues and reduce the gap. The purposes of this project are to increase the water quality management and water conservation. Thailand government needs more effort for this.

Restoration and conversation are also the main important things that needed to be solved. All of these issues are associated with no sedimentation and no flood. High land and private land are necessary for supplying the water. This aspect is very important, especially for water supply system.  Policies are very important for increasing the amount of plants. The amount of the agency is not too many in Thailand. Due to this reason, we are still need the organization that can provide these things. We need the policy to increase the plants. We need for looking about the market. The plant agency, this is not to much project, we have mechanism to make a master plan about this, management, we use for the management, empower, river basin, comment etc. We require to manage it well. We have master plan, international, big data, evaluation, monitoring, good system, output and outcome, public relation, capacity building etc.

National strategy that we feed with environmental daily, national plant, there are 23 issues, concerning with national strategic to manage in water shape, look to river basin. Our issues are needed to be developed by basin and in higher productivity. This is so unlimited, we try to resume local international standard, conservation and restoration of water. National strategic number, particularly about the strategy. We linked it together, particularly to see national water masterplan, this is SDG.

Huge databases are very important, especially from the different agencies. Many important things that should be considered are:

  • Topography
  • Water resources
  • For the knowledge, application, website, mobile phone, forecast data, application by mobile phone, university etc. We don’t have researcher directly, we need link, university, we don’t have staff to do a lot of research. This one is an internal issue.

For innovation, like MOU for research corporation, we have people no more than 10 staffs, that climate change. Name of the office, etc. We need consider this.

History of development in Thailand, we develop a big project, when we have master plan, we diversion and instead focus on the project. Some areas is flat, we cannot develop project etc. If we divided by project, to make area develop so fast, Bangkok. This agency is difficult to develop, this means like area orientation. 66 area bank, water pollution, new develop like spreading development, focus on the area. To conservation, green concept, we don’t do water research. We made another layer for water assessment in social economic in water research. Economic social, environmental resource, better master plan. This is area is bad , this means that we have faced with drought, almost the same time. This project will be accepted from agency, on flat, 66 mix with flat. This is feed with this one or not, work how many years to develop these things. For the rain area, we need proper methods.


River system and restoration.

Project that may be approved together in the system. It is not finish, that mentioned in another thing. This actually is beyond the plan, and this is very important.  They have project for IC bank. Taiwan river in upstream is more stable than the other. Taiwan is an island, need more space to build infrastructure. They have 90% rivers. We have also Taifun etc. It causes many problems. The challenges in Taiwan is associated with Rock and Sediments. Certificate decision, so there are action that overlooking for infrastructure development. Many successful case was established in 2019. Hongsan water plant. In this case, it is higher 3 meter. 25 million cubic that can be obtained.

We use this to construct the flow water and water will need supply system. The slogan is use the water twice. Water plant, is complete 2019. Density assessment, three years elevation in initial use, that requires special emergency. Water supply system using sanitation that related with hydraulic, reclaiming water and smart water management. Source of river is very important, it is a mainstream. The land is below the forest area, it is needed to be pumped. We have project that is done by company, especially social and they have the budget. The donor may compose many small projects, make an intercept rain.  They can be linked the water with the networks and we can keep the water. Before it will go down, it will make lake a phone. If we lost, a lot of area will lost,  a lot of particles, some plastics etc. Water will come to that ponds, they have top view etc. Actually, they don’t want to make the complete ponds. It is still a planted area, the bank for money, we have the king project, that we need to consider it. If we have flow like this, especially to the river, we can develop a lot of area, we make a pond and make it in the upstream and it looks like the and. It will irrigate to low area, It is like tourist, the water will flow directly to the river, and it is the way to trap the water. Then, make the land upstream.  The pond has water from rain directly, so when the highland, they have to consider they have enough water or not. Many 10.000 small projects can be considered together. It is associated with water conservation. 40-50 m high, the pump is maybe 100 meter. To intercept the water slow down. From the mountain, there is a big river that is very important. We don’t have enough budget and we need more investor. Water is not enough, in private land it almost the same. The system could trapper something like that. The budget is from the CSR. They have80 small projects. A package of water conservation etc. 1 project is not effective enough. So, Thailand requires more than 1 project to solve a lot of problems in water issues. Agriculture in Thailand has 30 million of irrigation system, in the future we can develop from 30 to 60 agriculture area. Over 130 we need to help them. We cannot do it once. First year, we have project that multifunction in Thailand that is needed to be considered. We need pilot project first with corporation with university. That is very important.